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Paying For College Just Got A Little Easier!

College is expensive. To help make it a little easier, here are a couple of things to check out:

- No application fee
- Competitive interest rates
- Borrow as little as $2,000 or up to Cost of Attendance per year

  for a maximum of $120,000 in undergraduate loans or $160,000

  in graduate loans.
- Choose between making interest payments or a nominal $25

  "Proactive Payment" towards the loan while in school
- 1% Interest Rate Reduction once 10% of the loan principal

  is repaid during the full repayment period

Please click HERE for more details.

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Invite your family and friends to join Somerville's Credit Union and get a chance to win great prizes! Starting March 2, 2015 through May 29, 2015 existing members that are 18 years of age or older that refer a new member will be entered in a contest along with the new member they referred and have a chance to win an iPad, Laptop, High Definition TV or a cash prize! Please fill out this entry form and return it to SMFCU.

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What is a Platinum MasterCard®

Debit/ATM Card?
This great product may look like a MasterCard® card, but it actually works the same as a check. It can be used in two ways:
- Allows checking account access through any

  ATM displaying the MasterCard, Maestro, or

  Cirrus logo
- May be used at any merchant where the

  MasterCard logo is displayed (the funds come

  directly from your checking account)